Thursday, 27 June 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy....

       For the past 3 or 4 weeks I have been madly making, decorating and glazing my work for a gorgeous little shop in Stirling Adelaide Hills and I have loved every bit of it... below is my large dinning table with half of my work on it and it is all packed and now at it's destination .... 
                    Milan Rouge Contemporary Craft and Design

Rose and Alison of Milan rouge Contemporary Craft and Design are bringing back an event from the Hills past called Mugs Day. Many of the locals remember it well and have very fond memories of it... So this Sunday it's back....

Milan Rouge Contemporary Craft and Design
Shop 2/11 Mount Barker Road, Stirling,
 South Australia 5152
Ph (08) 8339 4683

So if you are in Adelaide this weekend come and visit Rose and Alison at Milan Rouge Contemporary Craft and Design and support our local artists by purchasing one of the many hand made mugs and they will fill it with your choice of Mulled Wine, Hot Soup or Chai just perfect for a chilly winters day!

And then there is clean up... My dinning table is now a dinning table again phewwww...
And my Studio/workspace is back in order ready for when I get back from my holiday in 3 weeks....
                    Oh and we can't forget the lovely walk I went on with my boys when all the work was done where we got to meet some of the locals...


 They all loved their run just check out those smiles....
Oh and my hand has decided it needed a little break from all of it's hard work... Tendinitis and I'm already missing playing with my clay and my painting and it's only been a week... Oh well it's not forever... I hope you have all had a lovely week, I'm heading over to Mud Colony for a look see at what everyone else has been up too, come on over and have a look too....
And don't forget if your in Adelaide come to the Mugs day event in Stirling at Milan Rouge Contemporary Craft and Design....
Have a great week... :)


  1. Your pots look great but your poor hand looks sad. I hope it feels better really soon.

    1. Thanks Lori.. A little bit of a rest and hopefully it will all be good again! :)

  2. Poor you Annie !
    That hand looks very sad !! Hope Sunday goes well ... you will need to pace yourself next time !!!
    Enjoy yr holiday xxx

  3. I sure will pace myself next time, but this time I only found out about the event 4 weeks ago so I just had to run with it. The holiday should do me and my hand good! Thank you Adriana xx

  4. Have a great Mugs day. Good luck, I am sure you will do well!

  5. thought I saw your work in the images the gallery posted for Mugs Day :) sorry to see your sore wrist :( hopes its soon better...

  6. Thank you Anna, it was some of my work and it was a lovely day for mugs day! I was fortunate enough to be there when a few of my pieces walked out the door with happy customers! Such a lovely feeling! I have a few weeks off now so I'm hoping for a full recovery well my fingers are crossed anyway! :)