Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Handpainted Tea Cups.....

Happy Thursday everyone!!

I have had a very happy week this last week. Firstly my little kiln was fixed by her original maker and she fired up to bisque and a glaze firing like a dream. And my Dear Husband came home after 3 long weeks away in the UK... and prior to that I think he has only been home for two weeks since the start of January with multiple work trips that take him everywhere, so it is very nice to have him home...

With my little kiln back up and running her first load was the Tea cups that I had handpainted with nature and animal designs with underglaze...
I used a pale turquoise translucent glaze for inside and a clear glaze over the outside....

Below are the results and I'm pretty happy with them.

Below is the full set of twelve which are an order about to head to their new home in Queensland....

This one is a spare, a little smaller in size to the other twelve but I do like the design...

So that's it from me this week. I'm off to get onto my next project painting these Teapots .... Happy Easter everyone, stay safe and eat lots of chocolate!! :) God Bless!

 Mudcolony is open and ready for your studio news for this week.... So if you've been busy making and creating hop on over and share what you have been up to and check out what everyone else has been up too......

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  1. great designs on those mugs. I notice your teapots lids are not all made the same way? the small one, right hand front, is fitted beautifully! Must dig my teapot book and see how that style is made... thanks for the inspiration

    1. Thanks Anna. Yes that teapot lid is different, I wanted to try s different style and it has a lovely even finish. It is a standard top edge vessel without a gallery and the lid was made oversized with it's flange to fit. Then the lid is trimmed to fit the vessel while sitting in place. It allows for that flush clean edge. Happy Easter! :)

  2. wonderful cups the black and white is so effective and I agree with Anna and the teapot lid. Happy Easter.

    1. Thanks Linda, and Happy Easter to you too ... :)

  3. Beautiful work. If this is earthenware, do you bisque at a higher temp than the glaze to prevent crazing and fit problems. I have been having some probs with shivering with a particular commercial glaze ATM. Very frustrating. The joys of potting.

  4. Hi Jan, thank you. This is high firing stoneware. I use a mix of different commercial underglazes but I can't say at the high temperatures I have had that problem. There is always somethinhg to keep you on your toes isn't their.. I hope you are able to work it out! Thanks for stopping by... :)