Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Just a quickie!!

Happy Thursday everyone! I have had a full week of running around, a lustre firing, wrapping, packing and posting finished orders.... And with only two more sleeps have to organise the suitcase for our USA road trip... EEEKKKK!! So this is short and sweet this morning... I wanted to show you the results of the lustre firing, I use Duncans bright gold and fire to cone 019 or
 683 degrees celcius and I love the results! What do you think?

Anyway I must run, those suitcases will not pack themselves... If only it was a matter of just clicking our fingers!!
As this will be my last Blog for 2012 I do hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas with your loved ones and are kept safe and sound in this Festive Season... May good fortune be with you for the rest of 2012 and certainly for 2013! Wishing you all participating in markets lots and lots of sales!! And May God Bless you all...........
Mudcolony is open and everyone has been frightfully busy, don't forget to have a look to see what everyone is doing!!


  1. Love your lustre work Annie. Lustre adds another dimension to your already beautiful pieces. Merry Christmas to you too and have a safe and happy holiday overseas.

    1. Hello Jan, thank you very much!

  2. Beautiful work Annie! I love the lustre! All the best in your sales!