Saturday, 6 October 2012

Are we there yet??


Are we there yet, are we there yet?? Yes we sure are, we are here in the Adelaide hills after a fantastic road trip across the Nullarbor from Perth WA, and it is so gorgeous! Rolling green hills, wild flowers and views that take your breath away! And as my pottery has been packed away I have had to find other means to keep my hands in it. So I decided that pendants might just be the little project while on the road that I could have a go at... So I had my trustie notepad and pen in hand and I started sketching designs and as we drove the more I was inspired by the wonderful country we live in. The wild flowers of Western Australia onto the roads and the colour of the outback and the Nullarbor Plains, the sunsets and sunrises and the gorgeous blue sky... Simply stunning in my opinion...

Firstly wild flowers and butterflies, dragonflies and swirls...

Then the colours of the outback, the strangly trees with outstretched
 arms reaching upwards to the stunning blue sky!

The gorgeous orange red soil that surrounds the tall lanky trees
and Boab trees (also known to many as the Bottle Tree) is so vibrant, and
the stunning blue of the sky contrast to create an unforgetable picture!
Even the road we drive plays a part in the landscape...

So finally after the drive to Adelaide I had a chance late last night to
play with my clay and underglazes. So i strated rolling and cutting
some shapes to then go ahead and paint my ideas...

And here is what I came up with so far...  So now
I'm hoping that it will not be to much longer and I
can bisque my new pendants and  then clear glaze them...
And that will be in between unpacking and organising
our new house... :)

I'm off to check out Mudcolony come and have a look too and join in and share what you have been up to!!  Here's the Link... 

Thanks for stopping by... Take care...

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  1. Oh I am loving the journal drawings and the interpretations in clay, wonderful to see the progression.

  2. Fairly impressive to find time and head space on your journey Annie for your artwork !! Well done !! All the best for your settling in x

  3. Hi Annie, I hope you're settling in well to your new place, it can be pretty exciting (and exhausting) to move. Hope you get your studio set up pretty quick! Cheers from Canada, Michelle